Zuwit Remote Control Projection Wall Clock Rome Numeral Style Distance Led Display

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Product Description

In a world where time means everything,this projecting clocks offer a unique and innovative way to highlight time.Projector based clocks generate a bright and vivid analogue clock face image just about anywhere you want. Turn a blank wall or floor area into functional space while adding a stylish, futuristic touch.The projecting clocks can be used at home or in a commercial space.


**100%new in retail box,the new design
**led Gobo light projection clock with remote control function
**use of 5W high brightness LED light source ,low temperature cold light source ,a over-lenghth lift(40000 hours),green engergy conservation
**180 degaree rotaional projection,the lens's telescopic focusing.
**Advanced capacitive,stepless brightness adjustment.
**High-priceision clock mechanism,LCD display,Simple and easy single -button timing.
**The classic pointer clock or a digital display dial pointer clock,digital rome and other clock dial.
**Projection distance of 1.5 to 7 m (If ambient light is dim,the projection distance can be greater),the greater the distance projection.the
greater the clock face.
**AC 110V~240V 50/60HZ,OUTput of DC 3.5V/2A
**brightness:200~1000lm ajustable
**lamp: cree led 5w
**it can be also hang on the wall

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