Polished Pocket Sundial Compass with Cord Gnomon

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  • Features an internal magnetic compass for orienting the sundial.
  • The shadow cast by the cord gnomon indicates the time.
  • The back of sundial is stamped with instructions for use.
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Product Description

This antique reproduction of a Polished Pocket Sundial Compass with Cord Gnomon is solid brass and features an internal magnetic compass which allows the sundial to be oriented North. The sundial's cord gnomon indicates the time by the shadow it casts. The exterior of the sundial has a beautiful polished brass finish and the back is stamped Stanley London. The back of the sundial also has instructions for use of the sundial stamped into the brass. The sundial folds down for compact storage. When the lid is closed this sundial is 2 inches in diameter (5 cm), 11/16 inch thick (1.7 cm), and weighs 3.4 ounces (97 grams).

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