Yuhua estate to be test-bed for smart living – Channel News Asia

SINGAPORE: About 9,000 Yuhua residents living in 3,194 flats will be the first to experience “smart living” in an existing public housing estate, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) said on Tuesday (Jul 28).

From July this year, smart features – both within the flat and in the neighbourhood – will be implemented progressively until 2018.

For a start, 10 households will be selected to test several smart devices and applications for up to six months. These include elderly monitoring systems, which monitor the well-being and safety of the elderly at home, and alert family members if mishaps occur. Residents will also be able to track their real-time energy and water usage using mobile apps, and receive alerts when their usage is high.

Within the neighbourhood, sensors will be installed to monitor municipal services such as waste collection. Using the data collected, the Town Council can optimise maintenance cycles, pre-empt problems, or target problems at the source, HDB said.

About 1,400 flats in Punggol Northshore were launched in May with smart features, but Yuhua will be the first existing estate to “go smart”, said National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

Writing on the ministry’s blog, Mr Khaw said the estate will be a “living lab” for the Government to refine smart solutions. If successful, the potential applications are vast, he said.

“It is thus important that we take the first step to study the necessary infrastructure needed in our future flats, so that we can maximise their potential. The Yuhua pilot will allow us to decide on how to extend these smart solutions elsewhere, to more residents in more estates,” he said.


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