You’ll Want to Visit Sweden When You See This Woman’s Stunning Photos – POPSUGAR

If Sweden isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, these photos will convince you! Alyssa Hoppe — a prop stylist, art director, and floral designer living in New York — recently traveled to Sweden to experience for herself where nine generations of her family history came from. She told us:

“My mother and I road tripped around Sweden for two weeks to explore our family roots. Through a lot of research, my mother was able to find our family history dating back to the late 1700s when her maiden name, Ahlberg, was first chosen for the family. We were able to find the homes, still in great condition, that were built by both my grandfather’s and grandmother’s families.

The last family member immigrated to the US in 1901 and since then, our family has continued to celebrate Swedish traditions and our cultural heritage in America. I wasn’t expecting it, but I experienced a deep-rooted connection, both creatively and culturally, while exploring the country. I am even more in love with Sweden than I thought, and I can’t wait to take a similar trip there with my future children.”

Alyssa shared her journey through her beautiful photography, so take a look at the trip through her camera lens and you’ll be inspired to see it for yourself or take your own family heritage trip.


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