WeMo home automation system easy to operate – The Australian Financial Review

The WeMo system, made by the networking and computer accessories company Belkin, is a portfolio of very-easy-to-install power switches, light switches, web cams, light globes and motion sensors that all have Wi-Fi built into them (or in the case of the light globes, another wireless technology known as ZigBee, which connects to a Wi-Fi bridge), that enables them to be controlled by an app that runs on your phone.

There’s now also a metered power point, known as the WeMo Insight Switch, which not only allows you to turn devices on and off remotely, but also measures how much power the devices are using, and shows your consumption either as a summary in the phone app or as a 30-minute-interval spreadsheet you can download onto your phone.

It’s not the broadest portfolio of home automation products, though Belkin does plan to release security motion sensors, keychain fobs that announce your presence to the house, door and window sensors, even siren detectors that relay fire and gas alerts to your mobile phone, that will help to make it much more complete

And nor is it the most sophisticated home automation system. You can set rules that combine, say, the motion sensor and the switch, that will turn on a light if movement is detected and if the sun has set but not yet risen, and then leave the light on for ten minutes after it detects the last movement, but that’s the most sophisticated rule you can do.


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