This Zelda-inspired home automation video is legendary – Android Authority (blog)

Okay, file this one under totally impractical and entirely excellent. Allan Pan of the Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel has released a video showing off a home automation system which is controlled by an ocarina.

Taking cues from the Nintendo 64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pan plays melodies from the game on the flute to control the household, helped along by an Amazon Echo. Playing the Song of Time, for example, prompts Pan’s clock to announced the current time. Playing the Bolero of Fire, meanwhile, turns the heating on.

It’s a set of hacks that relies on more than just enabling the right Alexa Skills, however — there are a number of wireless receivers, switches and triggers set up in the household. Responding to a question regarding how many “thousand years” it took to make it all, the channel replied: “About a month, so 0.000083 thousand years.”

Still, it’s always exciting to see the possibilities that the Echo and its Alexa software can provide — it might even help solve a murder case.

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