The Emperor’s New Clothes: How Smart Homes Are Becoming Rather Stupid – Huffington Post UK

None of this is to say that IoT applications have no place in our homes. In many areas a clear ‘use case’ for this technology does exist. For example, an IoT system to monitor and alert, in real time, problems in a home heating system has clear advantages to both the consumer and the energy company. In the very near future it will be possible, indeed even common, for your boiler to know which parts are about to fail and alert the energy company. For customers, repeat engineer visits will be eliminated, the massive cost of replacing parts of, or even the entire boiler can be avoided and the time cost of multiple days off work will no longer exist. Energy companies will be able to monitor when customers will be need a service, reducing the need for ‘check-ups’. In addition engineers will be able to know exactly what a customer needs and be able to provide said product immediately.


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