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Technology today has made homes more than just a place with four walls and a door. Smart home technology has taken the world of housing and real estate by storm.

Devices like fridges, washing machines and even ovens can be connected to cell phones and cars so that by giving a simple command while stepping out of office, the clothes are already washed and ready to dry and cookies in the oven crisply cooked by the time you reach home.

Gadgets for security

How often have you wished that switches, electrical gadgets and accessories like door locks, window railings etc., were aesthetically pleasing and in tune with your overall décor? With multiple vendors now available in the market, you can choose and install unobtrusive gadgets for security on your own that combine cameras, sensors, alarms and motion detectors.

Temperature management

With drastic changes in environmental temperatures and growing pollution, it has become hard to maintain clean air and comfortable temperature within the house.

The providers of lighting and air solutions and thermostat manufacturers have combined their technologies to develop products that integrate these requirements into workable solutions that are also energy-efficient. These products now use heat sensors to check the amount of lighting and heat or chillness required within a room.


Smart TV today is a reality in most homes and even in remote areas connected to the Internet via cell phones and other devices, entertainment at home is far more personalised than it was before. Besides using streaming audio and video content through service providers like YouTube, Pandora etc., smart entertainment systems can change channels with voice commands or schedule TV programs for watching later.

Home utilities management

Home chores like washing clothes and vessels and cooking have also been simplified by technology to make them easy.

Established manufacturers of home appliances have made their device easy to control and maintain. While smart refrigerators can tell owners about stocked products and their expiry date, voice-controlled washing machines can give out the exact time of wash load completion.

Door lock and security

Smart locks use voice recognition and face recognition software to open doors for the house-owner without using keys.

Besides these, there are several new devices to make homes secure like water sensors to check water leaks and flooding along with remote control apps to switch on the air-conditioner remotely on the way back home so that you can step into its soothing comfort as soon as you step in.

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