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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Switchmate Home today is giving an advance showing of its upcoming family of home automation/security products that offer industry-leading battery life and universal compatibility, coupled with no installation and simplified user interfaces.  As a result, the new Switchmate Home products are ideal for any consumer and are designed to accelerate mass market adoption.

Both products will be demonstrated today in Las Vegas at the Discover Blue media event at Caesar’s Palace from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m and the Pepcom Digital Experience! media event at the Mirage Hotel from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

“With our new line, we have cracked the code on long term battery life for WiFi IP cameras and other connected home devices,” said Dean Finnegan, CEO, Switchmate Home. “The complexity of installation, challenging configuration requirements, and battery life problems endemic to WiFi modules have limited the mass market consumer purchasing dynamic….until now.”

Switchmate launched their “one second installation” smart lighting products in July 2016 and are now expanding their product line to include IP cameras, dual receptacle power controllers, and instant home security “in a box” products by the second quarter of 2017. 

All of the company’s new Switchmate Home products utilize long-range Bluetooth LE for command and control function, while WiFi is only used on demand. This will accelerate the mass market consumer adoption rate by removing the primary barriers to purchase in the DIY home automation category that have limited its potential to date. 

The new Switchmate Home ecosystem is designed to eliminate the constant need for WiFi by utilizing extended-range Bluetooth Mesh (BLE-MESH) for all command and control functions, and only relies on WiFi on demand as needed for high bandwidth functions such as video/audio streaming.  As a result, the products’ battery life is extended to up to two years, eliminating one of the most serious barriers to entry for DIY home automation products.

“The number one limitation to date in the DIY connected home category has been the battery killing nature of WiFi modules needed for high definition video,” explains Finnegan. “For products to be true plug and play, they must be battery powered and the only solution to date has been to optimize the WiFi modules to a point that performance has suffered.  With our BLE range now up to 150 feet in real usage profiles within the home and with every device essentially acting as a repeater with Bluetooth MESH, we are now are only activating the WiFi module when absolutely necessary, reducing battery consumption by 94 percent.”

In addition to providing longer battery life, the Switchmate Home products utilize a new amplified BLE processor that optimizes the range up to 200-220 feet in direct line of sight between devices or smartphones.  Since all Switchmate Home products also utilize Bluetooth Mesh, they act as repeaters between all Switchmate Home products to strengthen network communication. For a third layer of communication integrity, Switchmate Home products come with a “Zip” WiFi/BLE bridge that also acts as a range extender for greatly improved signal strength between products, the cloud and smartphones.

Compatibility and Flexibility Make Home Security Accessible to Everyone

Switchmate Home products will also offer compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Samsung Home, Wink and multiple additional existing home security ecosystems.   

One-Second Installation Makes Portability Easy

In addition to providing long battery life, Switchmate products are also designed to be easily installed and are self-provisioning, so there is no set-up required. This eliminates another barrier to entry for consumers who want a smart home, but who don’t have the desire, budget or expertise to install, set up, configure, and manage existing complicated products.

Like the company’s premier product, the Switchmate smart lighting solution, the upcoming products can be easily moved to any location in seconds if needed. This is ideal for anyone who rents or can’t make permanent changes to their residence. It’s also a great option for people who are planning to move in the future and do not want to leave their investment of smart home technology behind.


Switchmate Home will be demonstrating several products in its new ecosystem today at the above listed media events, including the Switchmate Alert and Sight security cameras, along with the newly-announced Switchmate Power wall socket and Switchmate Bright lighting solution. All of these new products will all be available in Q1 2017.

Current Switchmate Home lighting solutions are already selling at more than 20,000 retail storefronts in the U.S. and Canada. National retailers include Amazon.com, Bed Bath & Beyond, HSN, Fry’s Electronics, Target, OSH, Home Depot and Walmart.

About Switchmate Home

Founded in 2016, Switchmate Home is dedicated to making smart home devices simple, so everyone can finally have a smart home without any complications. Switchmate is the first line of smart home products that can be used with absolutely no configuration, tools or wiring, turning any home into the “One-Second Smart Home.”  Visit www.switchmatehome.com for more information.


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