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Home automation, energy control and security is one of the fastest growing categories in technology. Through smart home devices and iOT, there’s an app to control just about everything, even your toaster. Home automation is more than just convenience. Smart thermostats, entry control systems, sensors and detectors are all helping people control costs and conserve energy.

There’s a segment missing though, until now.

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StratIS is a Philadelphia startup that is bridging the gap in access, energy and automation in the core of cities everywhere. That is, multi-unit and student housing.

All of these systems are great in dwellings where they can be permanently installed by the home owner. The home owner can control which devices they choose to deploy and if they sell their home, often times, it just increases the value.  People in apartments and in campus housing can’t enjoy the luxury, convenience, security and savings provided by these systems.

Apartment owners and college administrators don’t have the time to worry about which technology is best and if they will all talk to one another. They also don’t have the time to manage multiple different systems.

That’s where StratIS comes in. Their SaaS platform works with most of the manufacturers of automation equipment. Their platform allows control at one hub of all the devices. This makes StratIS the perfect way for multi-unit dwellings to go in the smart direction.

With StratIS an apartment complex manager with 500 units can control the temperature in each unit, or control the temperature in vacant units, maximizing energy efficiency and controlling cost. Smart locks can easily allow apartment management to change locks, make sure vacant units are locked or even easily allow tours.

“StratIS enhances apartments or dorms with the smart home technology traditionally reserved for single family homes combined with smart building technology typically cost-prohibitive to all but the largest budgets. StratIS is the Smart Start for Smart Cities.” the company says.

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