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SINGAPORE — StarHub is set to be the latest telco to collaborate with a property developer to build smart homes.

Set to be announced soon, the project with the smart-home concept will not be “merely home automation” for residents, said chief executive officer Tan Tong Hai at the launch of StarHub’s new S$250-million facility on Friday (March 17).

Smart-home innovations are part of the telco’s efforts at its 58,000-sqf facility called Hubtricity, located within STT MediaHub at one-north.

The facility will also have other functions, such as analytics and cyber security, to create solutions in line with the Smart Nation goal. It also features as a co-working space for start-ups.

“Currently, we are working with both local and global partners to build platforms, such as smart homes, intelligent vehicles, connected buildings, virtual reality and smart retail,” Mr Tan said.

In a smart-home setup at this centre, features included voice authentication for security, where the homeowner’s voice can be used as a second factor authentication to unlock the door. Voice commands to select and play music, switch on lights and aircon were also part of the features.

Smart-home functions for the elderly included sensors on beds to detect when the user gets out of bed in the middle of the night, and lights will then be automatically switched on.

Over at the facility, there is also a “command cockpit” that does social media analytics to gain insights from customers’ activities. It also analyses Big Data, which can be used for planning purposes.

For instance, it can use data on commuters’ activity to pick out areas that are not sufficiently well-served by public transport, which, in turn, can be used for infrastructure planning for an ageing population.

Previously, Singtel collaborated with property developer Qingjian Realty early this year to launch an executive condominium which has smart functions such as a smart energy meter to monitor consumption usage, and a smart leak sensor to monitor water leakages.

In 2015, M1 and Keppel Land launched a smart-living programme at The Luxurie condominium, which included camera and motion sensors to detect any unwanted entry in the home, and a smart lighting system which turns on lights when residents reach home.


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