Smart Living: Head coach of UGA football team shows off elegant home – Red and Black

University of Georgia head football coach Kirby Smart is known for his low-key game day attire which consists of a collared Georgia shirt, khakis and a visor, but when it comes to his Athens home the features are off the field.

Recently featured in the October edition of Atlanta Magazine, the Smart home sits on a nearly three-acre lot and is charming and elegant.

It took the Smarts six months to find the right home because they knew it would need to cater to both their work and professional life. The home was first built as a hunting lodge and was later turned into a private residence.The family moved into their new home this past summer, just before the start of preseason practice, according to the article.

Interior designer Cindy Dunaway Waites and DreamBuilt Homes, a design firm from Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia assisted the Smarts in turning this building into their dream home, according to the Atlanta Magazine article.

Dunaway is an UGA alumna, she graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Furnishings & Interiors she operates Cindy Lynn Dunaway Interiors from Atlanta and Perry, Georgia according to her website.

In the article, the house is said to consist of two sides, a section for family and the other for football functions. The two buildings are connected by a dining room that services the two ends.

Although both are furnished with antiques and original art, they are designed differently and purposefully so. The football side has a more “masculine” feel with darker colors and a game table, according to the article, which allows potential recruits to feel more at home. The football side was particularly important to the Smarts because they knew at times they would be hosting players and their families, which could be up to 75 people, Mary Beth said in the article. While the family side has lighter colors and more of a personal feel as it houses the master bedroom and the office of Mary Beth Smart.

Even though the Smarts are UGA alumni and Kirby Smart occupies one of the most well-known positions at UGA—the most notable thing about the house is its lack of Bulldog colors. The Smarts’ design is in stark contrast to the home of former Georgia head coach Mark Richt whose home was covered in tacky, but loyal red and black.

Another notable difference between the two coaches’ homes is the amount of Georgia memorabilia. Richt’s home featured multiple cabinets, shelves and rooms which were dedicated to the University of Georgia. While Smart’s home has moderate amount of Georgia paraphernalia, and nothing compared to Richt’s Bulldog sanctuary.


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