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Keeping families safe is easier than ever thanks to the growing popularity of smart homes.

Adding a layer of security is one of the main reasons people invest in a smart home, according to industry experts. But it wasn’t always this way.

When Ryan Anderson first suggested his smart home clients install a camera at their front door, it didn’t go over well.

“They thought that was the creepiest thing in the world. I got so much push back,” recalled Anderson, the CEO and President of Kansas City-based Elevated Electronics.

Ten years later, people are comfortable with the idea, since they can use their phones.

“Some people just really feel safe seeing their kids got home okay, watching them on camera, checking the garage door to make sure it’s closed,” Anderson said.

With a growing family of his own to look after, Anderson installed cameras at his home. He and loved ones can also lock and unlock doors, close curtains and turn off lights with their phones, no matter where they are.

But owning a state-of-the-art smart home like Anderson’s isn’t necessary to feel more secure.

Smart security gadgets are available at retail stores. Wireless surveillance cameras send alerts to a homeowner’s phone whenever motion is detected within the camera’s viewpoint, if someone stepped on the front door step, for instance.

Wireless cameras start out at about $200 at most retailers.

Simple gadgets like the August Smart Lock, which attaches to a door, lets homeowners lock and unlock doors remotely using their phones or tablets.

It also detects homeowners and their family members as they get close to the door, so there is no need to fumble around with keys to unlock it.

The device also lets users review a 24/7 activity log of people who entered their home.

The smart lock costs around $200 and is available at retailers like Best Buy.

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