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It seems commonplace today that the media focus on new and exciting technology that is considered “cool” and “disruptive”—oftentimes urging customers to purchase solely off of wants, not needs. But we often forget about many people who actually need new technology to make theirs lives easier; nothing could be more appropriate than home automation to fill this need for many. From the physically or developmentally disabled to aging adults, individuals everywhere are benefiting tremendously from smart home solutions.

Most of our customers come to us for solutions like smart lighting to make their lives more convenient and lower energy bills, or smart home security systems that give them peace of mind when away from home. With that said, there are many use cases that not only offer convenience, but also provide a sense of independence and comfort daily. Below are just a few examples of how you could approach or pursue smart home projects for customers who face everyday physical or developmental challenges.

An aging parent:

According to AARP, 87 percent of adults age 65+ want to “age in place,” meaning they’d prefer to stay in their current home rather than that of a nursing facility or adult community. Smart homes offer a great benefit to this group. Elderly people may not have the mobility that many of us have, and being able to reduce the amount of trips to light switches, thermostats, door locks, alarm panels, and entertainment systems, among others, can substantially reduce the potential for injury. Also, when coupled with sensors (motion, pressure and water), a smart home can send notifications if the medicine cabinet has not been accessed that day, if they have not left bed in the morning, or if there is a water leak detected. And if they often forget to lock doors or turn off the lights, their home can automatically do it for them after a specified amount of time.

A disabled friend:

It’s easy for most of us to go room-to-room and do things like listen to music or drop the shades for privacy in the evening, but when you face physical challenges, these types of things can provide obstacles and pain points in the home. Putting the power of “control” back in their hands is key, and it couldn’t be easier than with a portable Control4 Touch Screen that they can easily take with them wherever they go. Having the ability to orchestrate multiple connected devices simply with one custom button on a touch screen can bridge the gap between stress and a good night’s sleep. In addition, the benefits of a smart home can often reduce long-term, in-home or nursing center care costs.

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Interior Designer, A.J. Paron-Wildes says her Control4 smart home gives her autistic son, Devin, the independence he needs and deserves.

A Special Needs Child:

Another specific instance where home automation is changing lives is for the individuals and families faced with autism. Leaving a developmentally impaired child at home by themselves can be a very scary thing, but necessary to develop independence – for all parties involved. There are any number of potential risks at hand in this scenario; doors can be left open, warning signs of trouble can be disregarded, and parents not having a way to be confidence that their special needs child is safe. Control4 solutions can alleviate those risks through simple programming events that push notifications to your phone when the front door is left open, or alert authorities when there is trouble, or even send you a snap shot of an area of your home when motion is detected for you to know your child is safe.

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The opportunities are many for creating a safer, more enjoyable home, and provide peace of mind and independence for those with physical and developmental limitations, and will not only provide a benefit to your business, but will also provide you with satisfaction that you have helped to benefit the living environment for your clients.

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