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There are smartphones and smart TV’s. Now there are even smart light bulbs.

A simple light bulb that helps to light up a room is apparently going to be soon be considered “old school”.

Before he even gets home Jeff Del Presto can use his phone to customize the lighting in his apartment. He even has a certain setting for his special lights when his alarm goes off in the morning.

Del Presto says “Yeah, it’s a very nice way to wake up.”

“You can actually change the colors on the light bulbs. Say you’re out watching the Chiefs game, they win. You can change all lights in your house to red, so when you get home, you have those lights on for you,” said Joe Dean of Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Dean carries the Philips Hue and GE Smart Lights at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Other smart bulbs do more than just change colors. The $129 Astro Twist bulb also has a speaker built in, controlled from a person’s phone.

”It’s a fully capable streaming wireless audio system,” said CEO of Astro Twist Shaun Springer.

He explains that, with a push of a button, you can fade your music in and out.

The $400 Beam bulb can project images from a smart device onto a flat surface.

“You also have lights that can double as a Wi-Fi extender, you can plug in and they’ll give you a little boost to your home’s Wi-Fi network. There are also cameras in some bulbs you can use as security devices in your home,” said Ry Crist, associate editor with CNET Review.

It makes some wonder though, if this simplifies life - or just adds to the complexity.

“That’s a good question. I would say, it maybe made it a little more complicated. I have to open up my phone and do it,” said Del Presto.

Beware, though, they are pricey. Only about 10 percent of Americans have purchased smart bulbs.

Experts believe that will change as prices come down, giving the technology a bright future.

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