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Raspberry Pi Home Automation System

Zip The Fish has created a new Raspberry Pi adapter which has been specifically designed to enable a wide variety of home automation features allowing you to transform any property from a single small room to a large hotel smarter, say its developers.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the Zip The Fish Pi home automation system which has been specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi.

Main Features of the Zip The Fish Pi include :

– More power for PI – Three different power supplies up to 3A each.
– Micro USB power supply input
– Uninterruptible power supply: Seamless switching between three power sources. There is the possibility to connect small or large batteries – a special chip takes care of battery health, including charge and protection.
– Additional 12-16.0V DC power supply input: With this you are able to supply your Raspberry Pi with different sources of energy – for example a car battery – and you are also able to build a device with functionalities that need voltage levels that high.
5V switchable output: With this output you are able to control by software various peripheral devices, including relays. It can supply all the current PI can share with the added devices.
– Extra space for HomeMatic wireless module: To ensure that the wireless module does not occupy any pins that could be used for an additional board we’ve prepared an extra space especially for the module.
– Input for optional battery temperature sensor: Control of battery temperature is important for long, reliable and safe operation, especially during charge . A dedicated chip is embedded for this purpose. It controls the charging current in order to keep the battery temperature in a predefined safe range.
– Full UPS status monitoring: Besides the battery temperature you can also monitor if the battery or the external power supply is used and if the battery is charging, recharging, fully charged or already low. If battery low is indicated, you have the important chance to save your files in time and shutdown your PI using our provided software(SD-Card-protection).

Additional features

– Holder for cylindrical lithium-ion batteries: We also offer our board optionally with a fully connected holder for a 18500 lithium-ion batteries.
– Compatibility: The board is compatible with the with Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 2 Model B
– Plug & Play: You don’t have to program anything. Just place a Zip The Fish Pi board on the Raspberry Pi and it will behave as is expected from the very beginning.
– Additional boards can be mounted: With our board you have the option to stack additional Raspberry Pi add-on boards on top.
– Real Time Clock: You can also use the actual time for your projects as the board has a built in real time clock with a battery backup.

Source: Kickstarter

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