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In the 2015 State of the Smart Home Report, it was presented that “Consumers want smart devices that automate themselves” as one of the most interesting concepts in home automation. Do It Yourself systems such as Iris (from Lowe’s Company), SmartThings (owned by Samsung Electronics), Wink, and iSmartAlarm, use a multitude of sophisticated semiconductor technologies such as sensors, radio transceivers, and microcontrollers. These home automation systems also use a variety of wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, and infrared to allow data transfer to occur for remote sensing, monitoring and control. This data transfer between wireless devices and the cloud is commonly call Internet of Things or IoT. Today’s smart homes use IoT as the core communication network for data transmission and management.

In this week long webinar course, participants will explore the inner workings of smart home technologies through hands-on prototyping and experimentation of home automation concepts. The Raspberry Pi and the Grove Pi+ kit will be the main development platforms used in prototyping home automation concepts for security alarms, digital door locks, temperature/humidity monitoring, and small electric appliance controls. Also, Velocio ACE PLC and littleBits electronics will provide additional resource materials to be used in prototyping home automation concepts in this week long course, as well.


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