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A pioneering wireless router is making waves on Indiegogo, as a crowdfunding campaign gains momentum in its attempt to give the humble home router a much-needed facelift.

SmartHub is exactly what the name suggests ? an intelligent home hub designed to meet the needs of tech-heavy twenty-first century homes. As our usage of internet-enabled gadgets increases by the year, and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a viable prospect for family homes and not just sci-fi movies, the team behind the SmartHub have engineered a brand new wireless router with a multitude of features built for the ?smart homes? of the future.

The SmartHub is loaded with features that modern homes are craving. Lightning-fast Wi-Fi is obviously a must for many homes using multiple gadgets, and the SmartHub delivers in spades ? but there?s much more.

cortex smarthub

A flash storage bay allows households to turn the SmartHub into their very own secure cloud storage service, creating an accessible storage solution for movies, music, photos and documents that households want to share. The router has also been stripped of trailing power cables. Instead, the unit plugs directly into the wall, and a built-in lithium-ion battery allows the router to function for long periods of time without drawing energy from the mains ? great for households keeping an eye on their energy bills.

The router also acts as a master console for all wireless-enabled devices in the home. Using Cortex, the SmartHub?s open source cloud operating system, the SmartHub gives users the ability to control locks, lights, thermostats, fire alarms and heating devices ? all from a single app that syncs perfectly with the SmartHub.

Alex Sutherland, director and creator of the SmartHub says, ?We?re thrilled to have launched our Indiegogo campaign to make the SmartHub the nerve-centre of every home. With access to lightning-fast Wi-Fi, the ability to store household files and documents, and control all wireless-enabled home appliances, the SmartHub is the must-have router for the twenty-first century home.?

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, a range of rewards are up for grabs for those who choose to back the SmartHub project. Backers can pledge as little as ï¿¡1 and as much as ï¿¡900 to put the SmartHub into production, with rewards including a thank you postcard, access to the partner development programs and a bulk selection of ten SmartHubs for the backers? families and friends.

Alex Sutherland adds, ?We?re confident that there is a high level of demand for an item such as this. The market research our team undertook found that 85% of respondents would choose the SmartHub over any traditional router on the market, which shows us that we?ve produced an intelligent product that meets the connectivity needs of many households. We have very high hopes for the Indiegogo campaign, and we look forward to potentially putting the SmartHub into full production with the help of our backers!?

To find out more about the SmartHub, or to back the campaign, visit the Indiegogo campaign page:

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