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Philips Hue is making another addition to its smart light devices family in the form of a motion sensor that can save you the trouble of using a smartphone to turn on the lights.

The device is rather basic, as it simply switches your Hue lights on as you move close to them.

So, how is the sensor different from other similar products?

First off, it is very mobile, as it works with batteries. This means that users can place it anywhere around their house, for example in a hallway, a bathroom or a garage. Philips decided to take a step back from the wall-mounted recipe and it touts that the device will run for up to three years by using two AAA batteries.

The sensor sells for $39.95, and the manufacturer says that up to 12 can be paired up via Hue Bridge. As you connect them to the Hue Bridge, the sensor executes a Philips Hue command and light comes shining in.

A nifty asset of the sensor is its capability to detect daytime lighting, so that it will keep your lights off while the sun is up. Should you feel like setting up a special mood, specific scenes can be paired with the sensor via the Hue app.

The motion sensor has quite a few configuration options, all of which can be tweaked from the Philips Hue app. For example, users can simply choose the daylight threshold or the level of motion sensitivity that suits them best.

However, keep in mind that the sensor is somewhat limited, as it is able to sense motion only within 16.5 feet. Despite the company’s promise that it will add a feature to reduce that distance – meaning that users must move close to the sensor to trigger the lights – the sensitivity is locked. This means that they can expect their pets to switch their lights on at the most inappropriate (or hilarious) moments.

Philips did note that motion sensitivity limits are in the works.

Thanks to the magnetic backside of the device, you can tilt it to up to 30 degrees horizontally and vertically. The device features a simple and elegant design and is a great fit for those who don’t want to depend on their phones to turn on the lights.

Speaking of Philips’ lighting systems, the OEM rolled out two additional form factors for its light bulbs, sporting various shades of white lights. There are now floodlight versions of the GU10 and BR30 white ambiance LEDs, which are great for bathrooms or hallways, as they are cheaper than their color ambiance siblings. The new lights are also supposed to play nice with your bathroom mirror in those recessed ceiling lights.

Owners of the famous “White and Color Ambiance” A19 bulbs can rejoice, as their gadgets are also getting additional colors. LED lights have had notorious troubles in trying to emit blue and green colors, but thanks to the revamping, the A19 can deliver blues and greens like never before.

Keep in mind that the A19 Philips Hue Color bulbs are able to sync to the movies and TV shows you are watching, so if you want to enhance the greenish sci-fi atmosphere of The Matrix with your ambient lighting, you can now do so.


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