Philips Hue Latest Update Locks out Third-Party Smart Bulbs – LEDinside

A recent CNET report has noted Philips Hue latest operation software update in the form has ousted third-party smart bulbs, due to interoperability issues.

The Philips Hue operating software update to version 1.11, released for first and second generation Hue Bridge last week has locked out third-party LED bulbs that also use ZigBee wireless protocol, such as GE Link LED and Cree Connected LED.

Philips explained in a written update and FAQ that interoperability issues with untested third-party products was the main reason. Philips also pointed to “confusing differences in setup and resetting,” which has prevented third-party bulbs from working seamlessly with Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch.

While third-party bulbs will no longer be able to work directly with Philips Hue anymore, the company is launching an alternative certify third-party bulb program “Friends of Hue,” which could bring back third-party bulbs.

Users can no longer add third-party LED bulbs to Philips Hue operating systems anymore, but existing third-party LED bulbs in the setup will not be affected, said Philips.

The CNET report noted Philips should have started with the “Friends of Hue” program in the first place instead of forcing users to switch gears after using an operating platform for some time.


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