Motivation Monday: Smart Bulbs – KFOX El Paso

On this “Motivation Monday” we pose three questions. One: are you smarter than a smart bulb? Two: Does a smart bulb have a brain? Three: Why does anyone need a smart bulb. And at this point you may be asking the obvious question… what is a smart bulb?

In simple terms, a smart bulb is a light bulb. However it’s a light bulb that can change it’s hues, in some cases tens of thousands of shades and intensity. The bulb is controlled by you, via an app. The app allows you not only to program the bulb, but sent it commands including to turn on and turn off… from anywhere in the world.

Adam Gamwell of Gamwell Technoloiges says a smart bulb does have a brain in a sense, because it’s part of the home automation movement that links to the internet. Essentially you use the internet to program the bulb to be smart and in essence have a brain. But rest assured a smart bulb is not smarter than you. Gamwell says it is very straightforward technology that simply requires an app for your smart or android phone. He promised it will take you only a few minutes to set up as we will show you in Wednesday’s segment.


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