Microsoft puts Windows 10, Cortana at the center of smart homes – InfoWorld

Are you too lazy to open the door or switch on a light? Let Windows 10 and its Cortana voice-activated digital assistant do the job for you.

Microsoft’s vision is to make home automation a breeze in Windows 10, and the company featured several related Internet of Things announcements at its ongoing Build conference.

Windows 10 will work with a wider range of devices and appliances by integrating new Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) protocols, scheduled to be released in 2017. Additionally, Cortana will allow users to easily automate tasks using a Windows PC, mobile device, Xbox console, or Raspberry Pi 3.

Users will be able to program “actions” so Cortana can be used to switch on lights, air conditioning, or even unlock cars. For example, users will be able to speak the word “lights” to their smartphones, and the bulbs will turn on.


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