Life on-demand: Automated smart homes now mainstream – FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

Sorboni Banerjee reports

– It’s a room with a view, and a brain, of sorts.

We go inside a high tech high rise in Clearwater, where everything is automated and motorized from the shade controls, and lighting to the speakers, television, temperature and security system is all controlled from panels throughout the house.

A smart house is just the latest way consumers are looking to simplify their lives. Anthony Dimicco of Innovative Sights and Sounds explains the benefit of programming it ahead of time versus just using a switch.

“Once its on a panel the resident has access to ‘scenes’ – so if when you come home you want all the lights to come on we put that on one button that you tap.”

But this is a beautiful condo at the beach. Is there a demand for this with the everyday consumer.

Dimicco says, “10 years ago it was very high end, only for a ten thousand plus square foot house. But the price points have come down and down and down and now average homeowner get into this type of automation.”

Now you can get a basic package in the hundreds not thousands.

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“An entry level package starts around five or $600 and then from there, tons of devices it can talk to,” he explained.

And of course, you can use Amazon’s Echo or Google – whether you mean to or not. We accidentally activate Echo just by mentioning it in conversation.

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So we ask it to “turn on house,” and the lights and stereo kick on.

No visible wires. Central computer system tucked away. Daily life, on-demand.


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