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Logitech has this week released a new update for its Logitech Harmony for Android TV systems that brings with it new home automation features and now allows users to quickly control connected smart lights, blinds, and thermostats.

The home automation controls are available directly from your large screen TV and are accessible without interrupting your favourite shows or films. Logitech explains a little more about what you can expect from the new features which had been rolled out to the Logitech Harmony for TV application which is now available to download from Google Play.

The app works with any Logitech Harmony hub-based remote, from Harmony Elite to Harmony Hub (sold separately). Getting started is easy. Install the app and sign in using an existing Harmony account. The app will display your personalized Harmony Activities. You can control your smart home directly from the TV screen without interrupting what you’re watching.

Enables launching of Harmony Activities directly from the TV display using the Android TV app. In a Sony’s Android TV, Harmony Activities can be added to the ‘Discover UI’ and then quickly launched using the Discover button in the Sony remote. Only Harmony Activities with specific names can be added to the Discover UI. The list can be found in the app and the support link. A Harmony Hub or hub-based remote is required (sold separately).

This app has been customized for Sony’s Android TV. For even faster control, add your Harmony Activities to the Discover UI, making them directly accessible through the Discover button on your Sony remote control.

For more information on the new Logitech Harmony for TV application and its home automation features jump over to the Google Play Store website for details following the link below.

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