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There are a ton of solutions for smart lightbulbs these days and ilumi is the latest, which will be going on sale at Best Buy beginning today. ilumi was backed by Mark Cuban – the owner of the Dallas Mavericks – and funded through the popular show, Shark Tank. These lightbulbs from ilumi are innovative and provide great features like the ability to improve sleep, complement moods as well as enhance lifestyle’s so you can enjoy a better lighting for a better living. Additionally, ilumi light bulbs are using Bluetooth Mesh connectivity, which allows users to pair up to 50 bulbs at a time, more than enough for your entire household. Additionally, the range is around 150-feet, so you can control them through-out the house and set them to your mood.

ilumi also has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android – available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively – to allow you to control the lights as well as what mood to put them in and so much more. Some of the features include the ability to replicate the body’s natural circadian rhythm, as well as detect presence, and light your daily routine. All based on the users preference. Also, through the app, you can have it set up to automatically turn on lights while on vacation. This is supposed to deter intruders, and make them think someone is home. Finally, you can sync them with music playlists as well.

Like many other smart light bulbs out there, the ilumi smartbulb can last up to 20 years. And the company touts that it is six times as efficient compared to regular incandescent light bulbs. So you likely won’t need to buy new bulbs for quite a long time. Which is a good thing, since smart bulbs aren’t as cheap as the regular light bulbs you can pick up from any store.

The ilumi A19 will be on sale for $44.99, and the ilumi BR30 will be going for $54.99. About the standard asking price for Smart bulbs these days. You can pick them both up from Best Buy today, both in-store and online.


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