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If you haven’t already incorporated home automation into your life, now’s the time to get started. Home automation is a general phrase that describes a wide range of technologies that aim to rethink and improve the way people use their home electronics and appliances.

Almost anything that runs on electricity in your home can be connected to your wifi network (one way or another) and then you can control it from your smartphone, with voice commands, or set them up to turn on at specific times.

There are many products on offer in the home automation market. Here are but a few.

Amazon Echo
This functions as a hub for all of your other products. It connects to your other products via wifi and then you can control everything in your house with voice commands. From the lights to the heating and cooling, you can control everything in your home.

Nest Smart Thermostat
The Nest smart thermostat learns from the way that you use it so that it can set the temperature in home automatically based on your preferences. It also learns your schedule and detects when nobody is home so that it can save energy while you’re out. The Nest even knows the current and upcoming weather conditions for your location and prepares for them accordingly.

Hue Smart Lightbulbs
Hue bulbs from allow you to control the lighting throughout your house. They have adjustable brightness, tone, and colour. They come with preset lighting schemes and can sync with movies and music. As with just about all these products, you can control your Hue bulbs from any smart device or with voice commands.

If This, Then That, or IFTTT, is a simple way of programming different devices to perform specified tasks when particular events occur. For example, you can have your lights and coffee maker turn on at a certain time to wake you up in the morning, or you could have a message sent to your phone when your washing machine finishes a load. There is a huge number of compatible devices and apps, so there really is no limit to the things you can do with IFTTT.

Sonos Speakers
Sonos speakers allow you to control the music in every room in your home. Its software combines every major music streaming service in one place as well as supporting different zones that can all be controlled independently or together. You could have all the speakers in your home playing the same music for a party, or people can be listening to different songs in different rooms.



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