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Home automation technology is becoming the proverbial ‘Next Big Thing’ in the Indian landscape, thanks to the stellar connectivity, convenience and comfort it provides people. It is making inroads in the lives of people to an extent where it will become a new style of living. Hassle free and smarter way of controlling homes whether you are physically present or outside on a meeting, vacation etc. automation results in copious benefits.

Till some time back, home automation was limited to commercial buildings and posh and pricey apartments. However, the system is now transforming immensely as the concept of home automation is finding a place in the lives of many middle-class and upper middle-class families. With home automation becoming affordable and easily accessible, the demand for the same is rising at a fast pace. As per a report by Research and Markets, India’s Home Automation Market Outlook 2021, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.63% in the next 6 years. This clearly specifies the phenomenal progress that the industry is going to make in the country.

Although this industry comprises several segments like security, heating-ventilating-air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and audio/video, out of these, it’s the lighting and security that captures a major pie of home automation. Lighting companies are coming up with ground-breaking technology that enables people to switch on/off the lights while they are away and dim the lights or increase the brightness as per their convenience through remote control systems. The increasing inclination towards energy-efficient systems and the need to cut the electricity bills are urging people to opt for such lighting solutions in their housing environments.

Besides lighting, security is another segment that is gaining wide popularity in both the residential and commercial space. The wireless connectivity provided by home automation system enables people to keep a check on their houses, regardless of where they are, through the automated security systems installed in their living spaces.  

Benefits of Home Automation

There are a number of ways home automation is helping people.

– Energy-efficiency: Home automation helps one in controlling the amount of energy used, thus ridding them off the worries of paying high electricity bills. People frequently forget to turn off the lights or switch off the buttons that control various functions in the house. Home automation offers the ultimate solution to this persistent problem by enabling people to automate various functions of their homes as per their convenience.

– Wireless connectivity and security: The wireless connectivity of home automation gives enhanced level of security to one’s home. Allowing people to control their houses even from far-off locations, this unique technology makes one feel unperturbed and relaxed while they are away.

- Convenience: Home automation brings with it heightened convenience and comfort by making the tedious task of doing every day chores a cakewalk for residents. Errands like switching off the lights, closing the door, turning off the dishwasher etc. are just a few clicks away, thanks to this path-breaking technology.

Role of Internet of Things

Internet of things has provided a much needed impetus to automation technologies. It is a seamless network of physical objects that have sensors, electronics, software etc. installed in them, to receive and exchange data. Heralding a new phase in the home automation landscape, IoT is churning out smart homes and smart cities at a rapid pace.

As per a report by Gartner, the usage of Internet of Things will rise by 39% by the year 2016, thanks to the increasing number of smart cities in the country. It also stresses on the fact that by the year 2017, smart commercial buildings will become the major users of IoT. The umpteen benefits of IoT like cost reduction, superlative connectivity and spatial management to name a few are the key reasons why it is being embraced by the realty sector.

What’s in store for 2016? 

Despite home automation at a rudimentary stage in India, the year 2016 will see lots of innovation in this sector, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Smart Cities Mission finally kick-starting with full enthusiasm.The industry for sure hasa bright and promising future, thanks to the constantly upgrading technology and enhanced level of wireless connectivity that is making lives simpler and easier. The coming years will see home automation at a much larger level, given the fact that technology will have developed by leaps and bounds by that time. The cloud home automation might take the market by storm along with a significant increase in the awareness of smart homes among the people and a spurt in the demand for such homes.

The phenomenally developing real-estate sector and the improving economic condition of Indians are the two factors that are steering the growth of home automation in the country. Today, home buyers not just seek well-built and aesthetically-appealing homes, but also demand luxury, convenience, comfort and security systems to enjoy full-control on their houses, for which they are ready to shell out extra bucks.

The situation today is undergoing a sea change to what it was a decade back, as the concept of home automation is being adopted by people belonging to different social strata. This technology is here to stay for a long, long time. 


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