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Home Automation Camera

Guzu Inventions based in Australia this week launched a new security camera that is also equipped with a number of unique home automation features, allowing you to control and stop any electrical device including, 3D printers, lights, laser engraver’s and more.

Check out the video below to learn more about this new camera which is capable of providing a number of home automation features and monitoring solutions, and is equipped with a wide angle lens and high-resolution sensor to provide a perfect picture wherever it is positioned.


The creators of Heero explain a little more about their new camera and its functionality :

Monitor and intervene in any situation – it isn’t just electronic devices where Heero can help. Its built-in wide angle camera allow you to not only see what is going on when your back is turned, or you are away from the house but to actually intervene. No more stealing from the cookie jar, or watching TV after bed time!

3D Printers – along with dropping your ice cream and people who don’t know what they want to order when they get to the front of the line, nothing is more frustrating than 3D prints that go wrong when you’re not around. No one loves 3D printers more than us, but having to be there the entire time is a waste of everybody’s time and effort. That is where Heero comes in. If the print doesn’t stick to the bed, or peels up, or the nozzle gets jammed, don’t worry!

Heero will come to the rescue and empower you to see through his eyes in real time. With the push of a button you can stop your printer quickly, safely and without wasting power, material or time. Also, Heero can make even the most boring 3D printer look awesome thanks to the RGB LED’s built into his head.

Heero specifications :

Heero’s 10A outlet can be switched off remotely and the outlet will be tailored to your country of origin. Input is 110V-240V AC and the output is 10A (max) which should be more than enough for most 3D printers, heat beds, laser engravers/cutters, fans and other devices.

We wanted Heero to remain low in cost but high in functionality and with Heero V1.1 we have been able to achieve some fantastic tech specs included in every Heero.

– Wide angle high resolution camera (720P)
– Remote stop function (via APP)
– Worldwide power control with up to 10 Amps current (110-240V to 10A)
– RGB LED’s built in to illuminate video location and to create ambiance
– Built in SD card slot for recording your 3D printer or for TIME LAPSE function
– Button style magnets integrated into the back of Heero to allow for easy installation
– Integrated bracket for mounting to action camera’s accessories (like suction cups, stands and brackets)

For more information on the new Heero jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make a pledge by following the link below. If you are interested in creating Internet of Things projects or require a smart home hub you might be interested in our home automation hubs and system guide.

Source: Kickstarter

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