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Hackers Can Hack Smart Homes

According to cyber security experts, manufacturers are not doing enough to protect smart things from hackers.

Billions of sensors are being built into our homes including baby monitors, door locks, security systems, cars, and more but, according to CNet, they may be at risk. “Things are designed to be used by humans,” said Tanuj Mohan, executive and co-founder of Enlighted. When a computer takes control of these new connected devices, hackers can wreak havoc. In smart homes, this could mean hackers could analyze your settings to discover when you’re out of the house or disable your security system to raid your home. Tech companies, Mohan explained, are “not yet aware of how everything they build can be exploited.” Mohan’s company, Enlighted monitors lighting systems in commercial buildings for energy efficiency and security.

In a demonstration to CNet, Fortinet security researcher Aamir Lakhani showed how easy it is to hack a connected video camera. Using what he calls the “search engine for the Internet of Things,” Shodan.io, Lakhani was able to hack the camera’s video stream using the work “admin” for the username and password. “They all have to make it easy. That’s the problem,” Lakhani said. While the devices themselves may be vulnerable by nature at this point, there are some ways to protect your connected homes and devices. Some of these security options include changing the default password or investing in a cybersecurity system like Dojo. Earlier this month, Dojo-Labs unveiled the connected home watchdog which will begin shipping in March and is available on Amazon.

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