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The C Sleep light bulb changes from blue to orange to soft yellow throughout the day to support healthy sleep patterns

Too much manufactured lighting at night can severely disrupt the human body’s natural sleep patterns, but not every color has the same effect. Blue wavelengths in particular boost our attention, throwing off our body’s sense of timing, and with repeated exposure, damaging the circadian rhythm that our body relies on to know when to begin shutting down for sleep. Apps like f.lux address this growing issue in relation to electronics, but the blue light emitted by energy efficient light bulbs at night still poses a problem. Based on the scientific research of light and how it affects human behavior, GE is rolling out its take on smart light bulbs, called C by GE.

While many smart light bulbs are currently on the market, the available options focus on bluetooth functionality and color variety, not healthy living.

Introducing C Life and C Sleep.png

GE’s approach to smart lighting features two new bulbs which will be sold together: C Sleep and C Life. C Sleep changes three different colors throughout the day that mimic the natural light of the outdoors: blue to wake you up in the morning, orange for the daytime, and soft yellow to promote sleep at night. C Life is intended for everyday tasks, so it only comes in the orange color.

C Sleep is intended for bedroom use, while C Life would be installed in other rooms in the home.

The lights are smart bulbs because they can be controlled via bluetooth using GE’s app, where you will be able to dim them, schedule C Sleep to change color, and turn them off or on.

C by GE App.png

Unlike other Bluetooth smart home products, they don’t require a central hub to be controlled, just a smartphone. GE hopes this will provide an easy transition for consumers who are new to smart home products, writing:

“While the market for smart home products is still in its infancy, GE recognizes that consumers need faster, easier ways to learn about and access innovative smart home goods.”

C by GE can be purchased directly from GE on the product website for $49.99, and will ship in January 2016.

C by GE


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