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(CHICAGO, October 21, 2015) – Fibar Group, a leading manufacturer of wireless, intelligent home automation system, introduced its new Button at CEDIA, October 14-17 in Dallas.  This compact, battery-powered device allows users to run various customized scenes defined in their FIBARO home automation system.

With its organic design and miniature footprint, The Button can be conveniently mounted on any surface, and in any position or location; beside the bed, under the desk, etc.  This device uses wireless, Z-Wave technology to instantly communicate with security devices, alarms and various connected devices.  The Button is available in different colors.  By setting up several buttons in sequence, users have the ability to create unique device relationships and trigger complex, personalized scenes.  For example, three Buttons – e.g., a red, green and blue – can be set up in sequence to allow a user to perform a “going out scene,” which can include lights off, heat lowered, and window shades down.  Functions of The Button are activated easily through three modes: one click, sequence of clicks, and “Hold.”  Scenes can also be customized for each individual user. 

The Button comes with a replaceable battery, operates in a temperature range of -4°F to 104°F and is offered in a range of colors.  


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