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Well, actually, you should be able to have everything, or at least a lot more than mydlink can give you. You should be able to program the DCS-935L security camera so that it keeps the living room light on as long as it sees motion, and then turns it off again as soon as the motion stops, for instance, obviating the need for the bedroom sensor. But you can’t.

The triggers on the mydlink system are more simple than we would like: motion and sound can turn something on or turn something off, but beyond that there are not many options. The DCS-935L camera can’t even be scheduled to only turn lights on at night.

A remedy for many of those shortcomings might not be far off. D-Link says it’s looking into making the mydlink home system compatible with If This Then That (IFTTT), the popular cloud-based automation service that lets a variety of home automation systems interoperate which each other and with other devices such as mobile phones and third-party websites, using sophisticated rules or “recipes” that users dream up and share with each other.

Using IFTTT, you could have a recipe that turned the D-Link DSP-W215 Smart Switch on whenever your mobile phone entered a certain radius of your house, provided you arrived between sunset and sunrise. You wouldn’t even need to tell the system when sunset was: it goes online and fetches that data for you whenever the GPS on your phone says you’re approaching your house.

Let’s hope D-Link decides to adopt IFTTT, or something like it. Because the only way I have figured out to automatically turn off that light in my living room is to use the camera’s sound detector to turn off the switch, and yell at the camera to tell it I am going to bed just as I leave the room.

The trouble is, my television can also trigger the sensor. Every time there’s a shooting scene, the light goes out. It’s spooky.

Likes: A low-cost way to get into home automation.

Dislikes: The mydlink system needs more sophisticated rules and integration with services such as IFTTT.

Price: $149.95 for the camera; $89.95 each for the Smart Plug and the Wi-Fi motion sensor.

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