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SAN JOSE, Calif. & CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, Aug 06, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) —

CSRE, +0.14%

today announces the latest version of
its Bluetooth®
solution for the smart home – CSRmesh® Home Automation. The
latest software release adds sensor and actuator models to build on the
original protocol that was designed for lighting control. This makes it
possible for developers to deliver a wider range of home automation
solutions including control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning,
door locks and window sensors.

Seamless and secure

The new flood mesh solution combines a configuration and control
protocol based on CSR’s proven Bluetooth
Smart devices
, including the CSR101x™ family,
and allows for an almost unlimited number of devices to be networked
together and directly controlled from a smartphone, tablet PC or wearable
. The system does not require a hub or router to function
locally, or an end-to-end IP connection which means it offers a simple
and seamless user experience. An encrypted network key, combined with
other measures, ensures
against eavesdroppers, as well as man-in-the-middle and
replay attacks.

Extended battery life

Importantly, for a positive user experience, CSRmesh for Home Automation
significantly extends battery life for sensors and actuators such as
door locks. Multiple devices can be easily grouped together with a mains
powered proxy device in the group, for example a light bulb, holding
data from a battery powered sensor device. This proxy device can then
relay that information without ‘waking’ the battery powered sensor. By
doing this, manufacturers can reduce the duty cycle of each mesh device
to as little as two percent, ensuring long battery life without any
impact to the consumer experience. Some battery powered devices, such as
security sensors and light switches, need only wake up when they are
triggered by user activation such as a window being opened. At all other
times the devices would be in sleep mode, providing extremely long
battery life.

Seamless End-User Experience

recent study
commissioned by CSR found that consumers are
increasingly interested in home automation, but a quarter (26%) are
concerned connected devices would be too difficult to set up and too
complex to use (25%). A significant amount is also anxious about
security, with 26% worried about devices being open to hacking.

“Consumers want a simple, secure smart-home experience that works with a
wide range of devices and smartphones. The set-up process has to be
simple and low maintenance with minimal need to change batteries,” says
Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “This
latest version of CSRmesh meets increasing consumer demand for a much
wider range of home automation applications that are seamless and
secure. And it’s significantly more cost-effective than other RF
technologies designed for the smart home market.”

Interoperability to prevent fragmentation

The solution can provide whole building coverage, even in RF dead zones,
without the need to add relays or set up routing tables for each device.
It does this by enabling an almost unlimited amount of Bluetooth
sensors and actuators to be simply networked together. CSR is
working in the Bluetooth
Special Interest Group’s
(SIG) Smart Mesh Study Group to help create
a global standard for Bluetooth Smart mesh to ensure interoperability of
all compatible devices and prevent fragmentation.

Developer ready

To enable developers to get products to market quickly the CSRmesh
Development Kit
provides a complete set of tools for evaluation and
software development, including Android and iOS source code. New example
applications for the HVAC market, including those that allow developers
to set thermostats, trigger air conditioning or heating, or display the
current temperature, are also available.

For more information on the new release a whitepaper with more details
on the technology and how it works for key applications will be
available in the coming weeks. Register
to receive your copy.

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