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The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show will be showcasing the latest gadgets and innovations this week in Las Vegas.

Get ready for a whole lot of tech talk.

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (the tech event of the year) will be showcasing the latest gadgets and innovations this week in Las Vegas. The show will run from Jan. 6 through Jan. 9.

Some popular devices that made their debut in past shows include VHS recorders, HD flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray discs and gaming consoles such as the Xbox.

Here are some of the things consumers can expect to see and hear about in the upcoming week:

Virtual Reality

It seems 2016 will be the year in which VR finally hits the consumer market and becomes main stream. Sony, HTC and Oculus will all be present at CES showcasing their latest VR headset models. The companies are also expected to announce more details on product pricing and launch dates.

HTC will showcase its revamped Vive headset, while Sony offers a hands-on experience with the PlayStation VR headset.


Drones made a lot of headlines in 2015, and it seems 2016 will be no different. GoPro already announced its new camera wielding drone named Karma, but some attendees are expecting for it to make an appearance at this year’s show.

Other brands that will showcase their small unmanned aircrafts include PowerUp FPV, Fleye and Uvify.

The Federal Aviation Administration will also have a booth informing people on its new regulations and
UAS registering process.

GoPro is expected to unveil its new camera drone Karma.GoPro

GoPro is expected to unveil its new camera drone Karma.


Samsung and LG will be back to showcase their latest, and most flexible TV screens. Consumers can expect to see some sort of bendable screen technology from LG and other TV makers.

This year will also be heavy on HDR, which stands for high dynamic range. HDR can show millions more of colors in a wider dynamic range. Therefore, the detail in content will be sharper and more realistic.

Companies such as Amazon have already produced shows in HDR, but not a lot of TVs supported the feature. Netflix is also expected to jump onboard and release HDR shows, but it’s unknown if they’ll make an announcement at CES.

Of course, 4K and even 8K TVs will also be present.

Smart Home Products

Nest and Phillips will showcase their thermostats, lights, cameras and alarms along with new ways to controls them. Samsung will also be present with its Smart Things line and multiplatform compatibility.

Other small companies will also be present with smart light bulbs, electrical sockets and house appliances. There will also be other products such as vibrating sofas, smart kitchen aids and even modules to control fireplaces via a smartphone.


Self-balancing scooters, aka hoverboards, had their debut at CES. This year, similar portable electric and motor scooters will continue to appear across the floor. Companies such as Arcimoto, Inboard and Segway will be showcasing their speedy electric devices.

However, there is a twist. Although there will be plenty of motorized products on display, CES has officially banned attendees from riding hoverboards.


Fitbit will be revealing something big at CES this year, but it hasn’t said what. Some attendees believe the company’s next product will have improved features such as sleep tracking, coaching and even stress management. The company is also expected to partner with a few fashion brands.

Aside from smartwatches and other activity trackers from Misfit, companies such as Huawei are expected to launch a new smartwatch for women.

There will also be smart clothing such as a vest that works as an airbag for skiers, Digitsole’s power laced shoes and Biometric bra named

FitBit is expected to make a big announcement at CES this week.Lisa Werner/Moment Editorial/Getty Images

FitBit is expected to make a big announcement at CES this week.


Even though CES is not an auto show, car makers still flock to the event in order to make their new feature announcements.

General Motors is expected to showcase its Chevy Volt electric car; Volkswagen is said to introduce a new electric concept, which many believe to be an electric Microbus capable of driving up to 310 miles on a single charge; and Ford is expected to disclose more details on its partnership with Google to make autonomous cars.

Audi and BMW will also be present. BMW will be showcasing its AirTouch technology, which is a system that detects hand gestures to help drivers avoid fumbling with buttons.

It’s still unsure what these companies will announce, though, since the Detroit Auto Show is later in the month.

Smartphones, music devices, computers, tablets and cameras

CES will not fall short from featuring new smartphones, music devices, computer hybrids and cameras. However, don’t expect to hear any announcement s from tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung (smartphones) or Apple. Those companies have created their own events throughout the year in which they exclusively reveal new products.



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