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On Controls, the pro-oriented business from the makers of iRule DIY home automation software, is showing up at CEDIA Expo 2015 with something new: hardware for its popular IP-based smart-home software. The products – the result of On Controls’ new relationship with Kramer Electronics—feature IR and two-way RS-232/-485 control via three different boxes (below).

The units are built for commercial environments—with threaded connectors and metal cases – so they’re sure to endure households with rambunctious kids and tinkering adults.

Someone dusting the equipment cabinet won’t dislodge the gear.

“It may be overkill, but if they’re built for commercial, they’ll work in the house,” Ben-Gal says. “They were designed with both in mind, and they’re simple to deploy.”

Earlier this year, On Controls announced a relationship with Kramer Electronics, maker of A/V switching gear for commercial applications. On Controls would provide the software for a new Kramer control system called K-Touch, and now On Controls benefits on the residential side from Kramer’s hardware capabilities.

“The beauty is we’re the only ones selling these products in the residential channel,” says Ben-Gal. “This is not something that will show up on Amazon.”

In the past, On Controls (and its DIY counterpart iRule) has recommended IP conversion modules from Global Cache (“ON-Link”), which continues to be an “important partner,” says On Controls CEO and iRule founder Itai Ben-Gal.

And while the new On Controls hardware can go places that Global Cache can’t, the latter has options for relay controls and sensing, which On Controls currently does not offer.

On the software side, On Controls already enables two-way integration with a large number of pro-oriented subsystems – DirecTV, Autonomic, Lutron, Leviton/HAI, Sony, DSC security, Kaleidescape, NuVo and more – but the company continues to add new partners.

Soon, On Controls will announce two-way integration with Honeywell, including alarm systems and thermostats.

“We can do a lot of deep integration through our cloud servers,” Ben-Gal says.

CEDIA attendees also will get to see On Controls’ new Sev7n UI.

In general, when it comes to software, says Ben-Gal, “You’ll see more of everything.”

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