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NuBryte from Lucis Technologies Inc. is either a really expensive light switch or a moderately priced home automation system. Integrators can see for themselves when the company debuts at CEDIA Expo 2015 in October.

The $199 NuBryte touchscreen replaces existing switches to control the attached loads. But it does more than that. The Wi-Fi-enabled NuBryte panel monitors the home through an onboard security camera and built-in sensors. It also serves as a whole-house intercom (voice only) and whole-house lighting controller that learns household behaviors to create energy-saving and security-conscious modes.

Naturally, to use NuBryte as an intercom system or whole-house lighting controller, you’ll need multiple devices in the home. Each panel communicates with the others over a peer-to-peer network so, for example, if a motion sensor trips in the living room, a message can be sent to all panels to turn on the local lights.

Meanwhile, the panel snaps images when motion is detected.

Messages also can be sent to the homeowners through NuBryte’s app.

At this time, lighting is the only subsystem controlled by NuBryte, although the company says its open API will enable the integration of other devices such as thermostats. At such time, NuBryte’s built-in humidity and temperature sensors will come in handy.

When the panel isn’t being used for controlling lights, it can display the family calendar or weather reports.

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Recent Developments

Lucis has been relatively quiet since it demonstrated NuBryte for the first time in January at CES 2015 as a DIY solution. Since then, the company has enhanced the product (not yet shipping) and recognized the value of the custom installation channel.

“Although NuBryte is designed to be an easy DIY installation,” says Lucis’s Stacie Campbell, “we recognize that many are more comfortable with the help of a professional.”

For that reason, Lucis is launching a dealer program at CEDIA, granting integrators “preferential pricing or incentives,” as well as training, support and customer referrals through a new “Lucis professional network.”

On the product side, Lucis is working on one very important complement to the original product – a smaller, dumber controller that makes it affordable to include more lights in the NuBryte ecosystem.
Lucis NuBryte: How it works

“The original concept was to take a one-size-fits all approach,” says Campbell. “Now we’ve developed a full solution which includes a lighter version of NuBryte in order to expand the smart lighting capabilities into lesser-used rooms or where multiple switches are present.”

In other words, it seems Lucis will come out with a Wi-Fi-enabled light switch that costs less than the $199 price of the touchscreen.

Another major development since CES is that Lucis is now working on multigang panels beyond the original single- and dual-gang solution.

At CEDIA, Lucis will be seeking both dealers and distributors for the new product.

In addition to NuBryte, Lucis also makes LED light fixtures.

VIDEO: CNET tries Lucis’s NuBryte home automation system at CES 2015.
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