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If you love and cherish your Apple smartphone, it’s time to take things further with a smart home. Apple has launched a variety of home automation products to choose from and upgrade lifestyle with your favorite brand. The best part is that all the home automation devices can be controlled through Siri via compatible iPhones and iPads.

Home automation products by Apple include alarms/sensors, heating & cooling devices, lights & switches, remotes and video cameras. This technology will take your home to the next level adding a futuristic effect. These Apple inventions will improve your quality of life with style and for a reasonable bargain because fortunately price of each ranges between $19 to $300.

Below are the top 10 items on the list that are a must have:

  1. Apple Remote


The Apple remote comes in the box with a battery and user guide for just $19. It is compatible with Apple TV – 2nd and 3rd generation. It has a sleek and elegant design, smooth finish and is very simple to operate. Once you connect your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod to the Apple universal dock, you can get comfortable and enjoy. With the Apple remote you can play, pause, stop, switch or skip between media files from a distance.

You will no more have to hike across the room to get the job done. You may sit/lay back on the couch and easily shuffle your playlist, exit a game, mute commercials or view a slideshow from right where you are. The Apple remote will only work with a single Apple TV at one time, so an iOS device or controller is required for multiplayer games.

2. Elgato Eve Weather Sensor


The Elgato Eve Weather Sensor keeps you updated regarding the weather conditions of your immediate surroundings. With this device you will remain well informed of whether the temperature, air pressure and humidity of the most important place in the world (your home) is at the ideal standards. If you suddenly feel chills or sweaty, use this technology to be sure that it’s the climate around you that’s acting out of the normal and not you.

This device can be accessed through Siri and you will just need to get a free app installed on your Apple device to take control. The Elgato Eve Weather Sensor has very long-lasting and replaceable batteries that saves you the trouble of power cords. You can keep of the weather of your personal space on a daily, monthly or annual basis which will be as asset to your general knowledge and comfort. All this can be accomplished for a reasonable deal of $49.95.

3.  Philips Hue Ambiance White and Color Extension Bulb A19 E26 


Okay so this bulb itself isn’t manufactured by Apple and you clearly see that it belongs to Philips. However, this bulb can be controlled from literally anywhere via your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. At $59.95 this may seem a bit pricey, but wait till you learn about all the cool modifications you can bring about with your Apple device.

This special bulb uses 80% less power than your average bulb (extremely Eco-friendly) and produces high quality light with 16 million variations of colored and white light. You may pick up your iPhone and dim, brighten or change the color of your light/lights to suit your mood. You will not have to get specific kind of light fittings, as this product will easily adjust into your current ones.

All you have to do is download the Philips Hue app and you’re good to go. You can turn your lights on and off even when you’re not home and even set schedules to light up this bulb any time. There is also an option for wireless connectivity that can be achieved with the ‘Hue Bridge’.

4. Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus


This is another marvelous product of Philips integrated with Apple’s control. This 6 feet thin strip-like technology is extendable to 32 feet and can be cut to any size, according to your needs. It’s immense flexibility and range of 16 million colors allows you to be creative with your home’s lighting. You can mold this Hue Lightsrip into different shapes and tape it to any solid surface hassle free – imagine the possibilities!

You can connect this thing wirelessly to the Philips Hue Bridge via Bluetooth and customize the light with the help of a compatible app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus has a 1600 lumen output and can be adjusted with music or movies to create a desirable atmosphere. This Philips item will cost you $89.95 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

5. Canary All-in-One Home Security System and Camera


This contemporary portable device worth $199.95 incorporates a complete home security system within that can be regulated by an app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s high-tech features include a 1080p HD camera, automatic motion detector, night vision, 90dB+ siren and climate monitor for your home. It readily recognizes unusual occurrences around you and immediately provides updates on your iOS device.

You will not need an installation or pay monthly fees for this device to work. It’s inconspicuous design makes it ideal for being placed anywhere without being noticed. This little investment can provide you a lifetime of security from intruders, without any additional cameras, sensors or base stations. All your family members can stay connected to this home security system through the app, free of charge. It’s 147 degree wide angle lens, automatic night vision, motion-activated recording and advanced audio gives you flawless protection.

6. Drop Kitchen Scale 


For someone who spends the major proportion of their day in the kitchen, this is the gadget to have – especially if you’re into baking, but constantly screw up despite all efforts. Spend $99.95 on this item and you will certainly win every bake sale in town.

The hardest part of baking is measuring exact quantities of all the necessary components; it is typical to miss a step or mix up directions. The Drop kitchen scale is linked to your iPhone or iPad with the help of Bluetooth and an app available on the Apple store.

Just like that you unlock interactive recipes which help you stay focused and keep track of each move. Measurement units can be converted to substitutes that are easy to understand and alternate ingredients will be suggested to use in place of those that lack.

7. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim

smart door hardware title

Are you the kind of human being who tends to misplace his/her keys and more than often lock yourself outside the house? If the answer is yes then buy yourself this smart door hardware and leave or get back home carefree. Who needs keys when Siri can unlock the front door for you in no time; nonetheless you receive a back up key in the package, in case you ever need one.

With the relative app, you can set a key-code on your Apple device or simply use voice command with Siri. The deadbolt has a chic retro design that blends well with every home setting and architecture. The $229.95 price tag guarantees the highest extent of material strength and reliability. A built in alarm within the device can sense potential door attacks and inform you.

8. Anova Precision Cooker (WiFi Edition)


If you’re dreaming of becoming the nation’s next master chef, go ahead and purchase the Anova Precision Cooker. This technology is used by many professional cooks around the world as it helps in achieving authentic restaurant quality dishes. In exchange for $199.95 you can cook your food to precision without any culinery experience.

Fill your cooking pot with water, immerse your sealed food inside, and attach the Precision cooker at any side of the pot. You can then control the device with your iPhone/iPad app; food can be maintained at a uniform temperature unlike in traditional cooking methods where lies a chance to overcook or undertook something. This cooking method is totally safe as no use of fire or any other additional materials is required.

9. Withings Aura Smart Sleep System 


Sleep is a fundamental to health and mental stability; a 5-7 hour dose is essential for every individual. The Withings Aura Smart Sleep System is made of 2 main components: a sleep sensor and a bedside device – together valued at $299.95. The sensor is placed under the mattress while the second piece can be placed conveniently at your side table. The compact and modern design suits a variety of bedroom decors.

This unique technology will help improve your sleeping and waking up experience, that will glorify your day entirely. With an app installed on your Apple device, you are able to conduct a personal sleep analysis and environmental sensing.

The bedside piece has scientifically proven light and sound systems that help you fall asleep and wake up fresh. With collected data on your app, you can perceive your sleeping patterns, compare naps and modify your timetable accordingly.

10. First Alert ONELINK Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide  Alarm (10-year battery)


It’s always smart to be prepared for unforeseen hazards like indoor fires or other smoke/carbon monoxide producing episodes. Spending $109.95 on this gadget may save your precious home and family from all uneventful circumstances. Install the necessary app and let your iPhone/iPad/iPod stay in touch with what’s happening around or back home.

This device will run smoothly for up to 10 years with it’s long life battery and durability. You can test it with your app and silence it for terminating false alarms. This technology instantly interacts with you in case of emergencies and triggers other interconnected alarms automatically.



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