Amazon to Launch New Product Echo for home automation – Street Edition

According to recent reports, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is planning to launch a new variant of its home automation device called Echo. This new device which can be voice controlled will be smaller in size compared to the original hardware and also become more mobile. This new device is anticipated to feature the smart home assistant of Amazon called Alexa.

People familiar with the matter stated that this device may be out on the market in the following weeks. Echo is temporarily being used for music, questions, lists, and other commands, depending on the type of gadget that is connected. The original Amazon Echo device has a price of $180 as of now, and the lower price will most probably be utilized in order to entice a broader range of consumers.

The US retail company has refused to give a comment on the recent reports and answer the questions related to this. According to the sources, the new device that Amazon is set to roll out may be dubbed “Fox,” and its size will be similar to that of the Beats Pill speaker. It is likely that Flextronics International Ltd. (NASDAQ: FLEX) will be the manufacturer of the device, but no comments were also given regarding this topic.

Amazon is not famous for its hardware. Before, the company’s devices, including Amazon Fire Phone and tablet were regarded as a flop. Yet, the 30,000 ratings that range from 4.5 to 5 stars on the page of Echo appears to indicate otherwise. The retail giant has also added interesting new features to the latest device. Some of these features include Yelp reviews, weather reports, music streaming, as well as home automation.

As of the moment, home automation is still in the early stages of development. The Consumer Electronics Show for this year has seen an expanding trend, taking into account the promise of homes that are connected. While the US retailer has not participated in the conference, Amazon’s Echo device proved to be a focal point, since almost all connected devices or products can smoothly integrate with this device.

Other tech firms including Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc, as well as Microsoft Corp. have also stepped inside the realm of home automation. Yet, none of the mentioned companies or any other firms have made significant efforts, in comparison to Inc. Based on the research by Forrester, only 10 percent of the residents of the United States have employed home automation. The retail corporation is definitely trying to penetrate a relatively new industry, where its Echo device can aid in the execution of certain tasks.

It is expected that the Amazon device will have the ability to switch the lights on or off, play a song, turn on the television, among other things.

Amazon is offering a free 2-day delivery for $99 per year, wherein customers can also obtain access to Prime Video free of charge. Moreover, the retailer also intends to distribute its products more efficiently around the world, with 20 jets from Boeing. In addition, it is also currently working on drones that will make 20-minute deliveries possible. With all these recent developments on Inc., the US retail firm is indeed set to grab a larger share in the market.


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