An Alabama builder’s homes may look traditional but they come with the latest in modern technology. At no cost to buyers, Opelika-based Stone Martin Builders includes the ZeroWire wireless security system and smart home hub in each of its new homes. The system, which is managed via a voice-guided keypad, smartphone, or tablet, enables homeowners to control Z-Wave-enabled lights, thermostats, and door locks.

Since late last year, the builder has installed ZeroWire as a standard option in its new homes in central and southern Alabama. Each system include the hub, one motion sensor, and three door contacts. Available options include additional security sensors, electronic locks and adaptors, says John Manasco, Stone Martin director of purchasing and estimating. Here, BUILDER talks with Manasco about customers’ reaction to the system.

Is smart home technology important to your clients?
Smart home technology bottom line is a huge must by most any buyer in today’s market. The pace at which people live today everything has to be highly accessible and easy enough to use on a smartphone or tablet. People now demand the highest level of efficiency in their day to day lives.

Your homes are traditional looking. Are people surprised to know that they are also high-tech?
Stone Martin Builders prides itself on bringing a traditional product packed with the most cutting edge technology that we can implement for an affordable price. We realized the demand for where people were headed and what they wanted so it was up to us to deliver. The surprise comes when they realize how effective the ZeroWire system is on their livelihood.

The tiny smart home hub can be installed anywhere in the home.
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The tiny smart home hub can be installed anywhere in the home.

Why did you choose to work with ZeroWire?
We chose to work with ZeroWire because it offered something that no other product has, which is the ability to have smart home resources at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. The ability to set scenarios up such as when you disarm that your lights turn on, your doors unlock, and your garage door opens is an unbelievable time saver for anyone that is in a rush, which most usually are.

How much does the system cost you?
The basic system we install standard in every single home consisting of the hub, three wireless door contacts, and one motion sensor is under $1,000. The home buyer then has the ability to plug and play with a vast array of options to tailor their smart home to their family’s needs such as adding items like appliance modules, light and fan controls, cameras, deadbolts, and so much more.

What are its most popular features?
ZeroWire offers a multitude of different features such as being able to have an enormous amount of users, different locations, a history of what’s happening, live updates, as well as the ability to use things like cameras, thermostats, lighting controls, deadbolts, garage openers, and so much more.

How have home buyers reacted to it?
Our buyers’ reaction has been amazing. They come into our model homes and watch our sales team flip lights on and off sitting on the couch or lock the door from the couch. To give someone the reassurance that if they are at home or across the county that their home is safe and secure is an absolute win.