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I absolutely hate lines . . . but I love Disneyland. As you might guess, these two sentiments can be pretty conflicting when visiting the park. However, with a combination of tips for avoiding long lines at Disneyland and hacks for using the new Maxpass feature, my recent trip was almost completely wait-free. If you’re not sure if Maxpass — the Fastpass program that allows you to book via the Disneyland app — is worth the extra $10 per ticket, I’m here to tell you it most definitely is.

Despite going on a Saturday during Halloweentime (which is notoriously crowded), we scooted through lines left and right without having to run back and forth between Disney California Adventure and Disneyland park to grab paper Fastpass tickets. However, there are some important things to note that can make or break your Maxpass experience, so make sure to follow these tips.

1. Download the Disneyland app before you arrive.

I highly recommend having the Disneyland app on your phone even if you aren’t using Maxpass; it allows you to see wait times for rides and gives you character, dining, and restroom locations and so much more. However, it’s a crucial part of using Maxpass, so make sure you download the app before entering the park. You will have to connect your park passes to the app (if you didn’t buy them through the app) in order to access Maxpass, so don’t waste time getting it once you’re already there!

2. Connect to Disneyland’s free WiFi!

This one is major. Unbeknownst to many park-goers, Disneyland offers free WiFi in select areas throughout the park. This is crucial when it comes to Maxpass. For instance, when I got to Guardians of Galaxy: Mission: Breakout!, I had absolutely no service and therefore couldn’t immediately book my next Fastpass (I had just used one for Guardians of the Galaxy, which freed up my queue so that I could book another). The same thing happened when I entered the line at Soarin’ Around the World — zero bars of service. Luckily, I was able to connect to Disneyland’s WiFi, and all of my problems were solved! While walking through the line (which was very brief thanks, again, to Maxpass), I was able to book my next Fastpass with no issues.

3. Book your next Fastpass as soon as you use one.

The way Maxpass works means that you can only book one Fastpass at a time. Once you scan the bar code for that Fastpass, it frees up your queue so that you can book your next Fastpass. Pro tip: book immediately! The Fastpass lines are obviously much faster than the regular standby lines, but you will still likely wait a few minutes before you’re actually on the attraction itself. Use those precious minutes! Book your next Fastpass ASAP in order to increase your likelihood of getting a pass for a) the ride you most want to experience and b) the ideal time you want to visit it. The longer you wait, the more likely the window of time you most desire will be taken. Plus, it helps pass the time in the line, too.

4. Don’t forget about Photopass!

When you purchase Maxpass, it allows you to have access to unlimited Photopass downloads for the whole day. “This includes magic shots, attraction photos and select Character dining photos,” says Disney.


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