10 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Automation – Electronic House

Photo courtesy of Surreal Systems, http://www.surrealsystems.com/

Photo courtesy of Surreal Systems, http://www.surrealsystems.com/

Home automation often gets a bad rap for being overly complicated, expensive, and frivolous. Frankly, sometimes it can be. For every well-engineered, affordably priced system, there’s bound to be another that’s completely the opposite. Thanks to advances in technology, however, “bad” home automation systems are becoming a rare breed. The following 10 items point out some of the positive points about home automation systems, some of which may be completely new to you.

1. Home Automation is money-saver.
Systems that automate the settings of thermostats, lights, and other electronic equipment can shrink your utility bills without compromising an ounce of comfort.

2. Home Automation is easy to find.
Systems are everywhere. Ok, maybe not everywhere, but you can pick up a basic home automation system that you install yourself at a home improvement store like Home Depot and Lowe’s; you can also buy one from your cable, phone, or Internet service provider. Many security companies, like ADT and Vivint, sell them too. And you can always reach out to a home systems integration firm for a system that’s custom-tailored and professionally installed.

3. Home Automation is simple.
It doesn’t get much easier than grabbing your smartphone and pressing a button to have the lights, music, and gas fireplace activate.

4. Home Automation clears away high-tech clutter.
It’s strange to think that something as high-tech as a home automation system can make a house look less high-tech, but it’s true. Mind blown! Here’s just one example: One keypad can do the job of six or more individual light switches (plus operate motorized shades, ceiling fans, and other items). That’s one piece of technology on the wall instead of six. The same goes for remote controls. One controller (remote, tablet, smartphone, touchpanel) can handle what used to require a coffee table full of remotes.

5. Home Automation provides peace of mind.
Almost every type of system on the market has remote access capabilities, which means you can monitor and control lights, thermostats, and more from anywhere in the world from a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

6. Home automation is a stress reliever.
Think about all the things at home that drive you crazy: Lights left on in the kids’ bedrooms, garage doors left open, sprinklers running while it’s raining. A home automation system ensures that these little annoyances never happen.

7. Home automation caters to all generations.
Home automation systems have become increasingly simpler to use. This means that all ages, from a preschooler to your 90-year-old grandmother, can easily master the system. Plus, it’ll give you the peace of mind that your latchkey kids and elderly parent are safe.

8. Home automation adds elegance and beauty.
Per the commands issued by a home automation system, your home’s lights and shading can be set to bring out the beauty of your home’s architecture and interior design.

9. Home automation can adapt to your changing household.
You have a baby. Retire. Renovate the kitchen. Add a swimming pool. Whatever the circumstance, a home automation system can be modified to cater to your new mode, style, situation. All it takes is a slight alteration of the system’s software–handled by either you or a professional home systems installer.

10. Home automation is affordable.
Sure, there are systems that cost thousands of dollars. But even these can be scaled to fit a modest budget. Then, as your finances allow, you can add new features, building out your system gradually so you never feel strapped.


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